About Us

DARA.News is committed to educating businesses that are affected by the interaction with property contaminated with PCE and TCE.  Specifically dry cleaners and launderers used PCE and other chlorinated solvents in the cleaning process and these chemicals have gotten into the soil and groundwater beneath the facility, and also into the indoor air degrading the environmental and posing a risk to human health.

The process of identifying and managing a contaminated commercial property is complicated for everyone involved whether you are a drycleaner business owner, property owner, realtor, or developer.  There are 4,000 un-assessed dry cleaners in the State of California alone, and within 5 years 20% of the brick and mortar stores will close due to competition of online sales.  This means that commercial strip mall parcels will be sold, rezoned and developed into new residential housing.  If a drycleaner was ever in or near that strip mall, the project of development just got very complicated because of the environmental issues.  The objective of DARA.News is to educate all involved parties of the process of managing an environmental project, and to provide direction to professional services who can assist.