PCE is tetrachloroethylene, a chlorinated solvent, which is a manufactured chemical that does not occur in the natural environment.  PCE was widely used as a metal degreaser by the military and industry since the 1940’s.  Later, PCE was also used in dry cleaning practices.  According to the California State WaterRead More →

California specifies the requirements and protocol for Phase I environmental site assessments in ASTM E1527 but even with the process outlined in detail, sometimes information is missed and a contaminated property is transferred from a seller to a buyer.  There are horror stories of Phase I consultants missing information aboutRead More →

Environmentally informed commercial realtors ask if a Phase I investigation has ever been done on a commercial property headed for sale.  A Phase I investigation is a records research report and site inspection that identifies any possible environmental threats to a property.  A Phase I consultant researches not only theRead More →

If you are a realtor representing a seller or a buyer of a commercial property, look for a closure letter to be certain that the environmental condition was properly addressed.  Commercial property owners will have a closure letter or a “no further action” letter by a California agency for anyRead More →

In order to represent a buyer or seller in a commercial property transaction, realtors need to be informed about the environmental condition and status of the property before entering into escrow.  No one wants to be in escrow only to find out that environmental problems are going to plague theRead More →